Roslyn Andrew began her love affair with Salsa since 2012, LA Salsa and Cuban Salsa. She was a student
of Dance Blaze Academy mastering Cuban Salsa and Bachata, and as of 2018, she has officially earned
the title and position of Dance Blaze Academy instructor.

To date, Roslyn has performed at many festivals and events, locally and internationally, with the Dance
Blaze Academy performance team as well as personally with her partner, Alex Vishnu.
Her interest and love for Cuban Salsa and Bachata has only grown since the first time she danced and
her passion for dance proves itself further as she masters other genres of dance such as Salsa Rueda de
Casino, Bachata Sensual, Reggaeton, Ladies Styling and Kizomba.

Roslyn and her dance partner, Alex Vishnu, are instructors at Dance Blaze Academy teaching Cuban Salsa and Bachata.