Natalie Chow

Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

Natalie’s journey as a dancer began with Latin Ballroom Dancing very early on in life.

Having spent 3 years honing the techniques and the skills of balance, posture and frame via Ballroom dance, she moved on to Salsa and Bachata where she spent almost 8 years learning from the best, performing on stage and eventually teaching ladies Styling for Latin Dances.

Her journey in dance eventually introduced her to Kizomba and after various workshops and Private sessions in Kizomba, Urban Kiz and kizomba Fusion with names like Kwenda Lima, Helio Santos, Mestre Petchu, Albir Rojas, Ronnie Saleh, Laurent and Adeline, she began to teach in 2016 alongside Infantino.


Apart from being a passionate dancer, Natalie has also completed a Pre- Instructors course with Kwenda Lima and an instructors course with Helio Santos.


Being mentored by the Legendary Kwenda Lima, Natalie strives to share her knowledge of technical soundness together with the intricacies of body movement.