Infantino Fernandes

Infantino Fernandes, finds his roots in Goa, India.
Having danced Kizomba for almost 5 years, he is an exponent of the element of ‘Connection’ that Kizomba allows you to experience.
Having attended various workshops at festivals which included the likes of Kizomba teachers like Kwenda Lima, Mestre Petchu, Helio Santos and Nelson Campos and private sessions with Urban Kiz teachers such as Ronnie Saleh, Lauren and Adeline,
He has also completed Teachers courses in Kizomba by Helio Santos and Nelson Campos, a Kizomba Fusion instructors course with Albir Rojas and a Kizomba Pre-instructor course with Kwenda Lima.

His journey as a teacher has been guided
by Helio Santos from Cape Verde who in his teaching has also handed down elements of Cape-Verdean dances such as Coladeira, Morna, Funana, Batuque and Funana.

Infantino’s teaching style is heavily influenced by Kwenda Lima and he owes his mentorship and the initialization of his spiritual journey in Dance to the legendary teacher.