Alex Vishnu began his pursuit of dance almost a decade ago in 2010. His first dance love began with him
learning LA Salsa and later grew to include Cuban Salsa, Salsa de Cali, Merengue, Cumbia, Salsa Men
Styling, Salsa Lifts & Tricks as well as Bachata and Sensual Bachata.

Just two years later, his passion for Salsa and Bachata inspired him to elevate his skill set by successfully
completing an Instructors Course. Since then he has been sought after to teach privately and at events.
Alex Vishnu has also amazed audiences with couples and team performances on dozens of occasions,
locally and internationally for more than half a decade.

Furthermore, his enthusiasm for dance has led him to discover another love, which is producing remixes
and DJ-ing. He has DJ-ed in many local clubs and festivals, and looks forward to using his talents to
spread the love for dance at many more events.
Alex Vishnu and his dance partner, Roslyn Andrew, are instructors at Dance Blaze Academy teaching
Cuban Salsa and Bachata.