Amar Singh

Amar is the founder, instructor and choreographer at Dance Blaze Academy. His one Mission is to spread the joy of dance not just across Malaysia but the rest of the world. Amar’s early experience in the performing art of dance commenced in the non-Latin genres of Bhangra and Hip hop. Amar started teaching Cuban Salsa and Bachata in 2005 and has been adding on different dances to his repertoire with Dominican Bachata, Reggaeton, Afro Cuban dances, and his famous body movement classes. A crowd favourite in the Malaysian social salsa circuit, Amar continues to wow the masses with his freestyle and groovy dance moves. Over the years Amar has not just been recognized as a leading figure in the Malaysian dance industry but highly sought after Internationally as well with his performing and teaching tours all the way across South East Asia ,Germany, Holland, UK, Japan, India. His outlook towards dance has evolved as he draws a parallel between life relationships and dance. Enriching different aspects of one’s life. A genuine desire to see individuals grow not just as better dancers but as better individuals through this parallel has made him one of the most sought-after instructors and dancers.


A graceful dancer who possesses a sense of rhythm , a feeling for music and a creative ability to express through music.

Currently attached with Dance Blaze Academy alongside Amar Singh teaching salsa , bachata , reggaeton, afro Cuban rumba and Ladies Styling.

Infantino & Natalie

Infantino Fernandes, finds his roots in Goa, India. Having danced Kizomba for almost 5 years, he is an exponent of the element of ‘Connection’ that Kizomba allows you to experience.
Having attended various workshops at festivals which included the likes of Kizomba teachers like Kwenda Lima, Mestre Petchu, Helio Santos and Nelson Campos and private sessions with Urban Kiz teachers such as Ronnie Saleh, Lauren and Adeline.
He has also completed Teachers courses in Kizomba by Helio Santos and Nelson Campos, a Kizomba Fusion instructors course with Albir Rojas and a Kizomba Pre-instructor course with Kwenda Lima.
His journey as a teacher has been guided  by Helio Santos from Cape Verde who in his teaching has also handed down elements of Cape-Verdean dances such as Coladeira, Morna, Funana, Batuque and Funana.
Infantino’s teaching style is heavily influenced by Kwenda Lima and he owes his mentorship and the initialization of his spiritual journey in Dance to the legendary teacher. 

Natalie Chow, Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Natalie’s journey as a dancer began with Latin Ballroom Dancing very early on in life. Having spent 3 years honing the techniques and the skills of balance, posture and frame via Ballroom dance, she moved on to Salsa and Bachata where she spent almost 8 years learning from the best, performing on stage and eventually teaching ladies Styling for Latin Dances.
Her journey in dance eventually introduced her to Kizomba and after various workshops and Private sessions in Kizomba, Urban Kiz and kizomba Fusion with names like Kwenda Lima, Helio Santos, Mestre Petchu, Albir Rojas, Ronnie Saleh, Laurent and Adeline, she began to teach in 2016 alongside Infantino.
Apart from being a passionate dancer, Natalie has also completed a Pre- Instructors course with Kwenda Lima and an instructors course with Helio Santos.
Being mentored by the Legendary Kwenda Lima, Natalie strives to share her knowledge of technical soundness together with the intricacies of body movement.


Roslyn Andrew began her love affair with Salsa since 2012, LA Salsa and Cuban Salsa. She was a student of Dance Blaze Academy mastering Cuban Salsa and Bachata, and as of 2018, she has officially earned the title and position of Dance Blaze Academy instructor.

To date, Roslyn has performed at many festivals and events, locally and internationally, with the Dance Blaze Academy performance team as well as personally with her partner, Alex Vishnu. 

Her interest and love for Cuban Salsa and Bachata has only grown since the first time she danced and her passion for dance proves itself further as she masters other genres of dance such as Salsa Rueda de Casino, Bachata Sensual, Reggaeton, Ladies Styling and Kizomba.

Roslyn and her dance partner, Alex Vishnu, are instructors at Dance Blaze Academy teaching Cuban Salsa and Bachata.