One of our students first year dancing journey

Last year I experienced dancing bachata for the entire year “each single week was including bachata classes or social dancing”, that makes my whole life got influenced with bachata.
Now on my calendar there is bachata classes, bachata practicing, and sometimes I sleep on bachata tracks and wake up on bachata tracks.
My home is kind of small bachata temple Now!

Flashback To My Bachata Story

Flashback — The Beginning

Flash back how the whole journey started, 1 year ago…. when I was writing some javascript codes and one of my colleagues “Minna Sild” came to me and she said
“Hey Mustafa! Can you join me in a free bachata class?” …. No, sorry I’m quite busy now — I said!

15 min later, she came back to me and she said “Mustafa, Please there is no guys here and we need more guys to join us in the bachata class”!

I guess on the first time I didn’t even noticed the word bachata and I had no idea what she is talking about, I got that it’s a dancing class but you have no idea how many bad stereotypes I had about dancing and this night life where people got drunk…. etc like I see in the bars normally!

At this moment I feel I’m a bit off and it is not cool not to give her 30 min just to make this class happens and it would be a good time to software engineer to just go a way from his laptop and meet people instead of keep dating his laptop day and night!

At this class I met for the first time one of my best friends now, and he is the reason to all this journey and the influence that happened to my life. I met brother Samilluah.

With Sami, My bachata God Father

And then, he started to teach us bachata…. at the beginning my intention was just to go with my friend to something that I have no idea what this thing is! but he started to teach us… 1,2,3,4 steps and move right move left… and something inside me got trigged when we started to move and I saw people around me who also are beginners moving and I’m moving like them.. This guy made it super easy to feel the music and dance!

And then he said “Partner up” and I saw every guy is partnering up with a girl and I suddenly got panicked 😀 “What… What???” I had at this time insecurities from touching the girls bodies, I got nervous and I couldn’t put my full hand on the girls back!

But I looked around and I found everyone is doing and moving forward…. So, I said!! Let me give this a try!!! and I found my self dancing for the first time!

Why I’m dancing “Bachata”?

After I figured out How beautiful it is to dance bachata I asked my self, Why you dance bachata? and I started to ask dancers I met “Why you dance?” and I found this question vert interesting and it tells me a lot about this human!

Every Bachatero “who performs Bachata!” has his own story, and I’m here to share my own story as I felt how to transformational to me on all categories of my life!

As a kid rise up in a small village at Egypt…
we had so many stereotypes about the physical touch between 2 genders (male and females) and this environment influenced my entire life to the level at the college I don’t remember how many girls I shake hands with them.
It was quite normal, most of the students didn’t shake hands even :=)) and then I went to the life after the college, everything was rushing, or I was rushing for everything… I was always doing something, sometimes I feel like I was enjoying being busy — sometimes just busy to be busy — you will find me in the library reading this tech reference or reading this research online or attending “tech — entrepreneurship” events. The first half of my 20s was so fast I don’t remember expect some peak happiness moments on it, other than this it was all about Hustling to build something, I event don’t know what’s is!!! YESSS, to the that level!

Then, I went to one of the most deep depression periods on my life to the level that, I quite, I quite everything my business, my friends, moved from Cairo to stay at Dahab for around 4 months then I found myself in one way ticket to Malaysia! My intention at this moment was to leave Egypt, and I wanted to experience Julia Roberts “eat pray love” movie, I’m always up to try new things as I deeply believe “you don’t know what you don’t know!” But the thing is…. I never felt this connection that Julia felt in Bali, although I went to Bali and I walked on the same streets she walked on the movie 😀 kind of acting as a kid who loved a movie so much, but the bottom line is…… I never felt this internal peace that she reached! I tried meditation and yoga and this activities never spoke to me! I don’t feel it!

“Eat Pray Love” Apartment at Rome, Italy

And as on my short 1 year journey, I attended one session for kwenda lima I though it’s about Kizomba, and I try to attend different classes to get to know what other dances are about…. and then he said this quote “Dancing is more than a step” and this quote really hits me as if I’m falling from a mountain to the sea and I’m surrounded by birds! This master kwenda lima is so authentic about his teachings and he started to talk about his preceptive for dancing….. and he said an example of Who people spend years looking for internal peace and how Dancing can be the bridge and the way to this internal peace world!!!

With kwenda lima ❤

I guess till that day, I was treating dancing as a cool activity to do on the weekends or when you want to spend sometime outside…. It changed my whole perspective! WOOOOOW I felt he treats dancing as if others treat meditation or Pray, it was huge guys! I still remember How he said it “Dancing is more than a step

After that, I started to learn from my bachata god father, brother Sami, but at this time I took dancing as my way to happiness and I started to put dancing on my calendar the same way I’m treating business meetings or important events, I started to feel how holy is the practicing time!

I guess to summarise the first 2 reasons for me Why I dance, it would be:

  1. It broke all the childhood restrictions between the physical connection with other genders
  2. Dancing was my bridge to happiness

With Ana maria, one of the best dancing partners I have ever danced with

The story didn’t end here…. as my life is going I attended a life changing full day seminars with Prof Rao Shikamaru, and Actually it took 2 months to formalize my own definition for happiness, I will have a separate article to talk about this seminar , But I remember I messaged my Bachata godfather and I told him “Brother, I was dancing to be happy…. Starting from now, I’m happy and I’ll dance” this statement made me enjoy the dancing more than I was enjoying it, It like a journey to a mountain to the sky, it will never end and you keep go up and up… till now I never experienced any downs in dancing except that day when I was feeling not good because I got rejected from several dancers! I was sad but after the happiness lesson I got from Prof Rao Shikamaru Now it’s totally okay for a girl to say “Sorry, I’m tired” or “No, thanks”…. It’s a huge difference between on the first 6 months and on the last 6 months of the journey, accepting that the partner need to reset or she might didn’t see you as a good partner for her…. A huge lesson behind this behaviour is to understand the behaviours of us as a humans, and giving others the space to be comfortable and treat everyone as you want to be treated!

As long as I go on my journey I found why I dance, I removed the second reason from my causality to dance, and as the walls of the physical touch already got broken so reason number 1 is already no longer exist!

Why I’m dancing then?

I asked my best friends this question “What the thing that will happen to me and do you think it will force me to stop dancing?” and I got this answer from my best friend “Ahmed Mabrook”, “Bro, let me ask you… Do you know what happen to the wood when you knocks a nails into it? “ I got surprised from the answer and I told him bro, where is the answer did you get my question?

I got surprised from Mabrook’s philosophy to my question….. he clarified it more and he told me…
brother, I know you from 2014 and I never saw you happy as I see you happy in bachata, so sometimes we ask ourselves the bad question that lead to focus on it and it’s fading out our happiness, the same like 2 people are married and they love each other and then they start to look to the far future and not enjoying the present, the same for the wood when you knocks a nail into it, it’s useless to think about the wood, what happened to it? what will happen if you got this nails outside it? Just enjoy the gift you have, and enjoy every second on it, and if it’s meant to stop dancing — which I doubt — you will stop, and It’s ok ~ said Mabrook!

At this day, I spend the whole night thinking of Mabrook advice to me, and I decided this… If there is nothing as I know for now will stop me from dancing, then, what about thinking of accelerating it and do performance….. No No don’t go to crazy 😀 — said to myself! But actually this become my next milestone now… I want to perform on a stage, although I’m quite beginner but I want to reach there….

One big thing that Bachata gave to me, I feel I reached the other side of the river, and the reason why I came to south east Asia with one way ticket is already been achieved..

I was keep looking for the peace ☮️ love ❤️ and Happiness ? in the external world ?until I understood whatever I see from the universe is just a reflection for whatever inside me… This simple lesson took me years to understand it, to feel it, to live it! and Bachata influenced my life to understand it!

I came to this part of the world, south east Asia looking for it, it took +3 years to understand it, but my bridge to it was bachata, not yoga not meditation, not a life partners, not wealth…. there are many fragmented factors on the journey but bachata took my life over and I’m totally ok with that ❤️

At the end of the first year, I’m super grateful for all masters, my friends and to myself as I always dreamed to reach to that point of understanding how the universe operates! And as the endless life train, when you reach the to a station ? the train starts the next journey to the next station ?

Bachata is one of the greatest things that happened to me even before studying computer since, but as steve jobs said “you can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards”

At One of the dancing Workshops

Super Grateful for 4 persons they are Sami, Kerrit my first bachata teachers & Prabah and Amar my current bachata family…. Brother Sami, is also pushing me forward to perform on a stage, and hopefully on my 2nd year journey I’ll write about how it feels to perform bachata on a stage as I still don’t know, “I don’t know what I don’t know”…. all what I know for now, is Bachata influenced my life, on the career level, my fitness and fitness level — I finally started to lose weight after this hours of practicing…

One more reason before saying the END for this year…. I dance because I have this inner voice that’s telling me every morning play bachata, dance bachata, and at the evening is telling me… we have 10 min, lets listen to some bachata and on the road is telling me, we have something beautiful in our life called Bachata, lets do it.

Dancing At Hong Kong

Bachata is more than a step, Bachata is a life style for me, and I’m super blessed with it ❤️

❤️️️❤️️️ ❤️️️ The End of the 1st year…❤️️️❤️️️❤️️️

With Carolina, The Best Dominican Bachata Dancer on Earth — I was so happy to see her ❤

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